Jan 102018

You have to tip your hat (or bucket) to people who are known by one name. It’s even better when they actually have the skills to validate that fame, and the subject of this edition of my Habits of… series certainly does in spades.

Buckethead is a mysterious genius who manages to blend some of the most classic guitar sounds out there with some of the most otherworldly guitar sounds out there in a beautiful unison. While his outrageous catalog of over 300 studio albums certainly contains every guitar technique under the sun, an examination of his live playing has revealed some tendencies I’ll show you in this lesson.

Mixing natural minor and whole tone sounds with utter disregard for the traditional expectations of the listener, Buckethead is a master of intrigue, transporting you through a vortex of multi-finger sweep tapping arpeggios and sensually massaged bends, all the while standing stoically above you, like this is just another typical day in the land of Buckethead.

His three-note-per-string approach is something that is glaringly important in his phrasing, and something I go into in-depth in my Guitar Super System course, so be sure to sign up if you want to learn more. Most importantly, try not to wear a bucket on your head, because I tried it, and it’s really hard to play guitar that way.

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Learn the Guitar Habits of Buckethead
Source: Guitar World