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I think a large part of the Effects Bay audience knows Lance Seymour – but a few of you might not. Lance is a gear head that started the Gear Talk groups (and other related Gear Talk satellite groups) on Facebook and Instagram. They are wildly popular and I personally frequent a few of them on a regular basis. A great community, and obviously super gear related. Lance is also a session guy and a demo guy.. and a hell of a nice dude in general. I’ve even interviewed him for this site a few years ago.

Lance Seymour GoFundMe - URGENT

On July 3rd, he was attacked and beaten, and is lucky to be alive. This is what he posted on his Instagram:

Last night, July 3rd, I was carjacked at gun point. I was shot at, beaten to unconsciousness by 3 armed men outside my home in Atlanta. I suffered a concussion and remember very little of the incident.

My 2010 VW Jeta
A 2018 @music_man Sting Ray bass that I was demoing
My iPhone 8+
All the cash in my wallet and cards.
If you have any information about this, especially the Bass being sold on-line or at guitar store/pawnshops, please PM me!
I am grateful that no one was seriously hurt. Stay safe, my friends.

Absolutely terrible. So he lost his car, his bass, his wallet (money and credit cards) and got beat up with obvious medical bills pending. I was absolutely happy to see that someone put together a Go Fund Me for this. I was surprised that the goal was for only $1000, since you know the damages are MUCH more than that. So I’m wanting to help spread the word on this to help it get as high as possible.

Please help if you can!

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Lance Seymour Go Fund Me – URGENT
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