Jan 112018

La Bella has re-introduced one of the most beloved electric guitar sets of all time, the “Bender” strings.

La Bella manufactured “The Bender” strings under the La Bella brand, other string manufacturers and the biggest guitar builders worldwide in the Sixties and Seventies.

The company reached deep into its archives to bring back the same string construction used during that era, including the exact formulation of nickel used in the original “Bender” guitar string.

The Bender” strings are available in nine different gauges, including the B828 Ultra Bender, B942 Super Bender, B946 Lite Bender, B1046 Bender, B1150 Blues Bender, BJ1252 Jazz Bender, B1152 Medium Bender, B1252 Heavy Bender and the B1052 Lite Top/Heavy Bottom Bender.

La Bella Strings are available exclusively through Sweetwater. You can find some for yourself at sweetwater.com/labella.

La Bella Reintroduces Vintage "Bender" Electric Strings
Source: Guitar Player