Nov 252015

KHDK ghoul screamer
The Ghoul Screamer is the new signature Overdrive pedal for Metallica’s Kirk Hammett who, up until now has only ever had a signature Wah pedal from Dunlop (some of you may think that is more fitting!). I’m not sure what has suddenly sparked Kirk’s interest in pedals but if the company name and KHDK website is anything to go by it would appear that he is a partner in the business. So far KHDK have announced three pedals, the “No. 1 Overdrive”: tube sound in a pedal, “No. 2 Clean Boost”: warm, tube-like boost and the “Ghoul Screamer”: a true utility knife of overdrives.

The Ghoul Screamer has 3 knobs, Drive, Tone & Volume like most Overdrive pedals but Kirk Hammett wanted this pedal to do more than your basic Tube Screamer so KHDK added five switches to control the essential components of your sound: EQ, dynamics and pick sensitivity. Plus the pedal features artwork by San Francisco tattoo artist Tim Lehi.

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Kirk Hammett Signature Overdrive Pedal – KHDK Ghoul Screamer
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