May 222019

Keeley DDR

Keeley Electronics has unveiled its new DDR pedal.

The DDR is an all-in-one dual footswitch pedal with two classic overdrives—Drive and Wet—plus the option to add in delay and reverb. 

The Drive section of the pedal gives users the option to choose between Crunch, a gritty British tube-amp combo sound, or Lead, a warm, mid-pushed overdrive. The Wet side of the pedal contains its delays and reverbs.

The pedal’s vintage/modern Switch allows users to toggle between Spring & Plate reverb or Analog & Digital delay. Users can also use a built-in effects loop to insert effects between Drive and Wet.

The Keeley Electronics drive, delay and reverb pedal will be available beginning May 23 for $179.

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Keeley Electronics Announces New DDR Drive, Delay and Reverb Pedal
Source: Guitar Player