Jan 011970

Guitarist Kaki King has launched a brand-new series of lesson videos over at patreon.com.

As part of the series, which is called “Guitars & Things with Kaki King,” King shows you how to play several of her songs, answers questions—and a lot more. 

“I get tons of emails and Facebook messages asking me how to play certain songs of mine, or generally asking questions about guitar technique and what not,” King says.

“I just thought it would be fun to make a series of videos everyone can have access to. Plus, I’m really looking forward to building a community around this series, which will include inviting fans to post their own cover versions of my songs, me covering other people’s songs, and even doing things like interviewing other artists and generally having fun.

“Plus, I just built myself a home studio, and I want to show it off!”

For more information, check out the intro video below (top clip)—plus a special lesson video for “Playing with Pink Noise” (bottom clip). 

And be sure to visit patreon.com!

Kaki King Launches New Series of Lesson Videos
Source: Guitar World