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JOYO Power Supply 2 JP-02As a musician – acquiring gear is one of things we do. It’s all about getting gear.. and improving your gear. It’s a long journey and the trick is to convince yourself just keep moving forward and before you know it, you look back and go “wow – the gear is looking good”.

Power supplies is one of the big purchases in my opinion. A classic journey for guitar players is getting the amp and guitar first. Then the pedals. Usually when you start with pedals, you start on the floor and they’re powered with batteries. Then when you get a set of pedals you jump to a One Spot type of solution to daisy chain your power. Next is the board. Now you can finally get the pedals on a board making set up and tear down quicker.

The next big hurdle is a power supply for the board. That usually is a $200 purchase for a quality power supply that you can mount. That’s a big purchase without a lot of flash, but it’s a good investment. I understand there are plenty of people that don’t want to make that jump initially, but want to still ‘tidy’ the board and move away from daisy chains. One initially ‘easy’ step might be the JOYO Power Supply 2 JP-02.

JOYO Power Supply 2 JP-02

JOYO has 10 outputs and is only $48.02 on Amazon! So why are the other brands $200+ and this one only $50? With they JOYO you’re solving one problem – getting a board mounted power supply and moving away from the daisy chain mess. What you’re paying for with the other brands is isolated power. The JOYO in general functionality terms is basically daisy chain within a chassis. Not isolated. So if you’re experiencing problems with noise or ‘starved’ pedals.. this will not solve that problem. But if you’re not experiencing those problems and want to clean things up.. this is a good first step while you save up for a isolated power supply down the road (if you need it).

If you use a JOYO Power Supply 2 JP-02, let me know what you think by commenting below!

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JOYO Power Supply 2 JP-02
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