Jun 012016


By Christopher Scapelliti

This video has been around for years—it was posted in 2007—but it never gets old, in part because it’s so good and in part because it’s so weird.

It shows Joe Satriani playing along with his song “Surfing with the Alien” using a Pignose Strat copy through a Peavey Backstage 30 amp, while hanging out in someone’s kitchen.

The poster, who goes by the handle TheMexican1, notes that Joe is playing his guitar, which is missing the vibrato arm.

As many viewers have noted, Satch manages to nail essentially the same guitar tone as heard on the original recording, even though he’s using cheaper gear. The video just goes to support the point that it’s not the gear, it’s the player.

Check it out.

Joe Satriani Plays “Surfing with the Alien” in Some Guy’s Kitchen
Source: Guitar Aficionado