Apr 082019

This is a great way to get a heavy, galloping sound on power chords, inspired by the bitchin’ Beck tune “What Mama Said.” The trick is to use hybrid picking or the Becktastic fingers-only method. Palm-mute the A and hammered D notes to make them thumpier, and snap the double-stops with your plucking fingers. Let all the notes in the last two beats ring together. Did y’all hear?

Chromatic Climber

Need a fun, easy A7 vamp or maybe a slippery means of navigating the V chord of a blues in D? Well, in that case you’re gonna love this. Hit the three open strings, hammer the G# chord, slide into the A chord, and repeat—except that moving forward you hammer and slide different inversions of the G# and A. The open strings let you make the position shifts really fast.

Four Against Three

One of the many great licks I’ve stolen from Jude Gold over the years, this one takes a butt-simple four-note figure and makes it extraordinary by playing it in triplets. Slide between the Bb and the B and slide into that last high bend with reckless abandon.

Jeff Beck's Galloping Rhythm
Source: Guitar Player