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Last night—the opening night of the 2017 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California—Gretsch Guitars threw one hell of a rockabilly party.

The show, which took place off-site at the Observatory in nearby Santa Ana, was an intimate, invite-only tribute to two early rock and roll legends—Duane Eddy and the late Cliff Gallup.

Back in the Fifties, Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps epitomized rockabilly’s iconic image—you know, the leather jackets, ducktail hairstyles and tough guy personae. The band also introduced one of the most adept, versatile and influential electric guitarists of his generation: Cliff Gallup.

From the moment he launched into Gene Vincent’s “Race with the Devil,” it was clear that he was an extraordinary guitarist and unique stylist in his own right.

This year, Gretsch introduced the Cliff Gallup Signature Duo Jet, which guitar legend Jeff Beck played at the Observatory show.

Oh, right; we forgot to mention that Jeff Beck was the headliner. We’ll circle back to that.

Here’s how things went down:

The night kicked off with Canadian rockabilly shred master Paul Pigat and his band, Cousin Harley. Pigat set the tone—literally—for the night, completely rocking his DeArmond-equipped Gretsch during his blistering set. Up next, Duane Eddy—the legend himself—took the stage with a band that helped him capture the rough sound and kick-ass-and-take-names attitude of his early records. He played a host of Gretsch guitars, including a 6120 or two, and even dug into his new DeArmond-equipped Duane Eddy Signature Limited Edition Hollow Body. Highlights of his set included “Rebel Rouser,” “Yep!” and “Shazam.”

After a quick change-over, Jeff Beck—and the aforementioned Cliff Gallup Signature Duo Jet—took the stage. He and vocalist Darrel Higham, the same singer who appears on Beck’s Rock & Roll Party: Honoring Les Paul DVD and album, tore through an engaging set of vintage Gene Vincent tunes, the original versions of which featured Gallup on lead guitar. The set included “Cat Man,” “Race with the Devil,” “Crazy Legs” and “Woman Love.”

The encore, if you will, was a brief I-IV-V jam featuring Beck and Eddy, a photo of which you can see above. Speaking of photos, you can check out Jeff Greenlee’s pics below.

To read more about Callup, his effect on rock and roll, his new Signature Duo Jet and more (and to hear his original guitar solos), visit gretschguitars.com/features/cliff-gallup.






Jeff Beck and Duane Eddy Honor Cliff Gallup's Legendary Flash at Gretsch NAMM Event
Source: Guitar World