Jan 162018

Janet Robin — who has a track on the upcoming GP Records/Mi5/Universal instrumental-guitar compilation, Stormy Weather, with her band, The String Revolution — is premiering her Telecaster-centric rocker, “I’m a Rich Girl,” from last year’s, Take Me As I Am.

“I’m using my Fender ’52 Reissue Tele and my Fender Blues Deluxe Tweed,” says Robin about the song. “I placed a Kyser capo on the fifth fret—mostly for the key I’m singing in, but also because the riff sounded cool in a higher register. Well, that was actually an accident. I normally play ‘I’m a Rich Girl’ with the capo on the fourth fret, but I mistakenly put the capo on the fifth fret when we were recording the song. It sounded great, so we decided to leave it that way.” 

The video was produced and directed by Thomas Zoeschg (Black Deer Productions), who shot on location in Los Angeles—guerrilla style—using an iPhone 7. The original musical track was produced by John Carter Cash and Chuck Turner at Cash Cabin Studios, Hendersonville, Tennessee.

“‘I’m a Rich Girl’ is one of those songs that really embodies my style,” explains Robin. “It’s a little bluesy, funny but poignant, and I get to bust out some good old-fashioned rock riffs in two solo sections. I wanted to write something lyrically that was a little tongue and cheek, but that still had a good message.”

Janet Robin Debuts "I'm a Rich Girl" Video
Source: Guitar Player