May 232018

If you follow this site, you know I’m a fan of Johnny Marr. In my humble opinion, he’s one of the greatest guitarists out there, and simply a fantastic song write as well. His sense of melody and how he combines single note melodies within chordal groupings, is pretty mind blowing. If you start to break apart old Smiths songs, you’ll see what I’m talking about. The guy is brilliant.

Back in 2015, I had a chance to see his band perform live, and there was no way I was going to miss this performance. To see his guitar work up close and personal (I was basically front and center at the show), it was inspiring.

Johnny Marr Lake Placid Blue Jaguar

I’ve also been a fan of his Fender signature guitar as well. I’ve been playing the Fender Marr Jag in Olympic White for about 5 years, and a couple of years ago, I picked up the Black model. I’ve played a few Jaguars, and the Marr is by far the best designed Jag out there. With the 4 way switch (instead of the accordion switches), hi pass switches instead of the rhythm/lead circuit, better bridge (though I still upgraded to Mastery) and awesome stay-trem system. Love it.

Yesterday, I saw a great interview with Marr – which goes into his technique a little, but most importantly, how some of these songs come about and his strategy on pulling melodies out. But on top of that.. he’s playing a Lake Placid Blue Marr Jaguar. Lord help me from buying it when it comes out.

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In Conversation with Johnny Marr – Fender Video
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