Nov 302017

How-to-play-ain't-no-sunshine-by-bill-withersHi everyone, today I’ll show you how to play “Ain’t no sunshine” by Bill Withers.

It’s a simplified and easy version, using open chords which is perfect for beginners and people who like things easy :)

The sound and technique is pretty much the same. You’ll learn how to pluck several strings simultaneously while playing chords with the other hand. It’s a really nice guitar tune to practice, play and sing along to.

The song is split up in two parts (part I and II) to keep the whole thing clear and understandable. Both parts are in the video. Again everything is explained slowly and in close up.


– First practice the chords thoroughly
– Memorize the chords and the chord progression
– Then practice the plucking technique
– Start slowly, don’t rush
– Make sure your chords sound clean and clear
– Practice a few moments throughout the day
– Practice daily

Have a beautiful day! :)

Please share your comments below. I appreciate it.

How to Play Ain’t no Sunshine by Bill Withers
Source: Guitarhabits