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If you’ve been playing simple root-fifth power chords your entire life, you’re missing out on a wealth of opportunity for power-chord voicings.

In this video, Gear Gods’ Trey Xavier shows 12 different types of power chords, including root-fifth with various drop tunings and one that’s employed on a seven-string guitar.

“If you play the guitar and you play any kind of heavy music—rock, punk, metal—then you are very familiar with the power chord,” Trey says.

“But a lot of people don’t know that there are several different kinds of power chords that you can use, and I’m gonna show you a couple of those different kinds today.”

Those 12 types are:
Basic root-fifth power chord
Fifth on the bottom
Fifth on the bottom – four notes
Inverted power chord
Add9 (sus2) power chord
Minor 6th power chord
Root-fifth, drop tuning
Root-fifth, drop tuning, 3 notes
Root-fifth, drop tuning, 4 notes
Root-fifth, drop tuning, 5 notes (7 string)
Root-fifth, drop tuning, 5 notes (6 string)
Add9 power chord, drop tuning

When you’re done, check out Trey’s other instructional videos on Gear Gods’ YouTube channel.

How to Play 12 Types of Power Chords
Source: Guitar World