Dec 282015

How did you do on Christmas gear?Christmas is always a weird time for musicians. Everyone knows you play, love gear and want gear. What do you buy that special person? You don’t want to get the *wrong* thing or something that they already have or you can’t afford that vintage Jazzmaster. What I always notice following so many guitarists out there, the easy way out is to get something that mentions that instrument you play. You know, don’t what gear to get, so get a tie with guitars on it. Get a shirt that says “watch out.. guitar player coming through”.  You know, the stuff that means well, but falls well short.

I’ve always recommended to family and friends that come to me asking about what they should get for their special musician, get the stuff that is useful, but the stuff that you never seem to allocate money towards. What I mean, it’s easy for the guitarist to focus on guitar, amp and pedals, but maybe they need guitar stands, cables, guitar repair kit, maybe luthier supplies, polish, etc. These are the things that guitarists like to have, but not necessarily want to spend their own funds on while they save up for that Strymon pedal they’ve been after.

With that said, how did you guys do? Let’s hear some of the *hits* and the *misses*. I want to hear about the awesome gear you got. Let’s also hear about the guitar-related boxer shorts you got too. Bring it on!

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How did you do on Christmas gear?
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