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Jennie Vee is an absolutely fantastic musician and extremely talented bass player. She’s played with Courtney Love of Hole, supported acts like Echo and the Bunnymen, and most recently, locked down the bass duties for Eagles of Death Metal. When Jennie is not working on EODM stuff, she focuses on a variety of other projects including her solo stuff.

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I first came across Jennie Vee via a mutual friend that was touring with her in Europe a few years ago. Shortly after that, I followed her account on Instagram and really appreciated our common interest in the post-punk genre (she would often cover songs, etc). She even mentions that Peter Hook (Joy Division / New Order) as one of her primary influences – that goes a long ways with me!

Help Jennie Vee

Help Jennie Vee

This morning, I saw that she posted on Facebook about a GoFundMe campaign that she started. I know she has not been feeling well, so I really wanted to help:

As some of your know I have been extremely ill since just before the new year. I have a heart condition and combined with my lung infection – a multitude of tests and medications/tests were/are required. My medical bills are nearing $10,000 and my hospital stay has completely wiped me out. Right now I am relying on the kindness of friends to get me through. I give back any time I can to many causes I believe in, even when I’m not in a super great financial position to do so. Your help in getting me back on my feet is so greatly appreciated. The funds will go towards my medical bills and also things like food and necessities as I am down to nothing and it’s a very scary place to be. What I can give you in return is the promise that I will continue to share my music and take care of my health – these two things mean everything to me.

If you can help a fellow musician that would be great. Hopefully we can wipe out this $10k medical bill together.

Thanks everyone!

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Help Jennie Vee
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