Jan 082016

Guitar Legends: 100 of the World’s Most Iconic Guitars is available now at the Guitar World Online Store for $9.99.

This special issue of Guitar Legends also features:

The 10 Most Expensive Guitars: Think you paid a lot for your new handmade acoustic or custom electric? Get a load of the prices paid for these babies.

The 50 Most Collectible Vintage Guitars: What axes are worth coveting today? Here’s our comprehensive A-to-Z list of the most valuable-and enviable-models.

Randy Rhoads’ Concorde: How he and Grover Jackson defined metal-era guitars with their 1980 custom ax.

Duane Allman’s Gibson Les Paul: His long-lost Goldtop has been found and given a new lease on life.

Ace Frehley’s Collection: The legendary Spaceman explains his devotion to the mighty Paul.

Kurt Cobain’s Jagstang: How the grunge king created an entirely new animal for Fender.

It’s available now at the Guitar World Online Store.


Guitar Legends: 100 of the World's Most Iconic Guitars — Available Now!
Source: Guitar World