Apr 192019

As guitarists, you know that improving your soloing abilities is one of the hardest challenges you can undertake.

Fortunately, the five tips in this video can go a long way to help you.

Titled “5 Tips That Will Greatly Improve Your Soloing Over Time,” the video is a concise point-by-point tutorial, complete with fretboard charts. Self-described “Samurai Guitarist” Steve-san Onotera serves up some great information that can help you improve your guitar soloing and knowledge of the fretboard.

While the video clocks in at just under seven minutes, Onotera notes that the benefits will only become apparent over time.

“This video is about investing some time into your solos so you can see some major results,” he writes. “Nothing worth doing is easy!”

Onotera explores the value of learning a favorite solo by ear, seeing the guitar neck in terms of chord tones, and exploring the influences of your favorite players, among other things.

The Samurai Guitarist offers additional lessons on his YouTube channel

Guitar Essentials: Five Tips That Will Greatly Improve Your Soloing
Source: Guitar Player