Oct 262018

Every guitarist knows how to play power chords. They’re easy to play, but you can just as easily fall into a rut with them if you always voice them with the root on the bottom in a traditional root-fifth configuration.

In this video, Sean Daniel demonstrates some useful substitutions you can make for the common power chord shape, using inversions as well as major and minor power chords with implied fifths.

As Sean explains, these voicings give you greater variety than if you were to play standard power chords all the time, and they are especially helpful if you and another guitarist in your band are playing power chords at the same time, so that you’re not both playing the same notes.

Sean starts out by explaining the basics of power chords, which will be useful to beginners. If you want to move past the basics, the lesson on substitutions begins at 1:58.

We previously featured Sean’s excellent tutorial on playing barre chords, and his video on how to “Learn Every Blues Song, Ever.” Check out his latest video below, and when you’re done, visit his YouTube channel for more great videos and to subscribe.

Guitar Essentials: Clever Substitutions for Power Chords
Source: Guitar Player