Jan 072017

Greenchild Effects Triple 7 G777Hello All! We’re a little over the halfway point of our Greenchild G777 Dual Overdrive Give Away. Based on the number of entries, it’s clear you guys are just as excited as me about this pedal. I would like to send out a special “thank you” to Mason at Greenchild for giving a lucky Effects Bay reader a chance to win this great sounding overdrive. Please take a moment to follow Greenchild on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks Mason!

The Greenchild G777 Dual overdrive is a total tone machine that is absolutely fantastic for shaping the tone to pop out of the band mix. You can read my full thoughts on it here – “Greenchild Effects G777“. In the world of pedals, the overdrive has to be the most common pedal out there. The overdrive is usually the first pedal people pick up, and is often quite misused and can be oddly misunderstood – especially in a band setting. The G777 allows you to dial in that tone and think outside of the box a little with controls like ‘focus’, ‘mid’, ’tilt’, ‘boost’. Overdrives should be able to get you more than ‘gain’, ‘volume’, ‘tone’ that you typically see.

Check out this great video by my man.. Gearmanndude:

Greenchild G777 Dual Overdrive Give Away

This give away is open to international submissions. US winners will receive the pedal with free shipping, but if you’re selected as the winner AND international, we are asking that you pay for shipping. Be sure to submit bonus entries after your entry to gain additional opportunities to increase your odds!

This is a great give away! The Greenchild G777 Dual Overdrive retails for $225! This is a great opportunity to win a a great sounding overdrive to step up your tone. This give away will start today and run until January 12, 2017 at 11:59PM MST. Don’t miss out on this one, and please help spread the word! We all love free gear, and making these give aways fun and successful for everyone!

Thanks again Effects Bay friends!!!

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Greenchild G777 Dual Overdrive Give Away Reminder
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