Sep 042018

Gibson has unveiled its long-anticipated 2019 model line, the company’s first since it filed for bankruptcy back in May.

Featuring a number of new models and variations, the iconic guitar maker’s 2019 line reflects a leaner, back-to-basics approach to the company’s catalog of instruments.

Though there’s quite a bit to unpack here, we’ve included the highlights of Gibson’s 2019 line of guitars below.

Gibson Memphis ES-275 Thinline

For 2019, Gibson will be producing two new thinline models, the ES-235 and ES-275T (pictured above.) Built at the company’s Memphis plant, the two new models will both include a maple centerblock and spruce bracing. Starting at $1,399 for the base model, the ES-235 will be the least expensive ES-series guitar in the Gibson catalog, and is inspired by classic Fifties models like the ES-125. The ES-275T, on the other hand, features a rounder cutaway, similar to that of a Fifties Byrdland or an ES-5.

Gibson ES-235 Thinline

Gibson is also reintroducing the ES studio series, which includes the ES-235 Studio, ES-339 Studio and the ES-335 Studio models. The company also announced that the price of the standard production ES-335 will be reduced.

Gibson B-2 Explorer

For 2019, Gibson will be adding B-2 options to its Explorer and Flying V models. These B-2 guitars feature satin finishes and Dirty Fingers+ pickups, with slightly lower prices than their regular counterparts. The company is also adding a few new options, including some new finishes, to its Firebird model.

Gibson Les Paul Junior Doublecut

Gibson has also streamlined its Les Paul and SG series, cutting down on available finishes and options. The Les Paul Studio Tribute, Studio, Classic, Standard, Traditional and High Performance models will all still be available, while the SG line will include the Tribute, Standard, ’61 Reissue and High Performance models.

Notably, Gibson did introduce one new Les Paul model—the Les Paul Junior Doublecut—that’s been generating a decent amount of buzz on the ol’ interwebs. The pretty new guitar (pictured above) will be available for $799.

Gibson Montana J-45 Sustainable

On the acoustic side, Gibson is launching a new Studio Series, which will offer classic Gibson acoustic designs at more affordable prices. The Studio models will feature walnut back and sides with spruce tops and will come in L-00, J-45, Hummingbird and SJ-200 variations. Notably, the J-45 Studio model will be available for $1,499, the lowest price for a J-45 in decades. Each Studio model features an L.R. Baggs VTC pickup system and a slightly thinner body depth than their higher-end equivalents in the Standard, Vintage and Deluxe series. Like all Montana-made Gibsons, the Studio line will be built with hide glue construction, a dovetail neck joint and a nitrocellulose finish.

Gibson Montana Hummingbird Studio

The company also launched its new Sustainable Series, which uses a unique and environmentally friendly beeswax-based finish, and will also include L-00, J-45 and Hummingbird models. Like the Studio line, these guitars will be built using walnut as the primary tonewood.

These selections are merely highlights of the 2019 Gibson line. You can learn more about the full lineup of guitars over at

Gibson Unveils 2019 Model Line
Source: Guitar Aficionado