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When I first got into working with circuits, it was all about breadboards. First projects included simple LED tests and working with simple transistor circuits. As time went on, I started to get interested in actual guitar effect schematics, which led to more complex breadboard experiments.

During this time, I stumbled on the Beavis Board and decided to make my own based on some of the simple features. That tool, which I still use today, was invaluable with working circuits, and then to immediately plug my guitar in there and play with values to see how those changes effected the end result. I’ve tell people all the time, a project board is the key in experimenting with guitar circuits.

FX Development Board

FX Development Board

I was recently told about the FX Development Board by MacroFab and their CrowdSupply project they currently have. Check this out…

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So, this guy is like an insane big brother version of the Beavis Board.. or my prototype project board! I absolutely love the thought that was put into this, and I can see it cutting down time for the simple tasks. The primary features that I dug were the potentiometers. In my environment, that was a pain, but their set up you can get a running start. I also like that it comes with a metal enclosure to easily take outside of the shop. Smart.. so… smart!

Looks like they’re offering just the development board for $150 and the board with jumper kit and enclosure for $190. I think their price point is well worth it. If you’re interested in prototyping or begin work on guitar circuits, this is a great starting point. To back the project, please go here.

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FX Development Board
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