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Fuzzrocious Pedals is absolutely killing it these days. I was really excited to see the buzz happening at the Fuzzrocious booth at NAMM 2018 this year. This NAMM, Fuzzrocious announced the Octave Jawn. I thought this was super interesting, because it’s not necessarily a new pedal release, but is a “drop-in mod”. I absolutely love this concept, basically you can order the Jawn as drop in with their other pedals. I think this is quite forward thinking, and could be a trend.. which is pretty cool. So what is the Jawn? Check out what Ryan says —

Fuzzrocious Octave Jawn!

Fuzzrocious Octave Jawn!

Let’s get this “jawn” thing out of the way…
Back in the day (aka 2002ish), we in the greater Philadelphia region adopted a word called “jawn.” Basically, jawn can be used a stand-in word for ANYTHING. For example, if you want someone to hand you a paper towel, you might say, “Bruh, can you hand me that jawn over there?
Try it. Just put “jawn” in place of whatever you want.

So, let’s get to the pedal. Octave Jawn is a digital octaver specifically made to track faster than many other digital octavers on the market. It is fully polyphonic, meaning that it can track chords, unlike an analog octaver that only (sometimes) tracks single notes.
The top-left pot (small knob) mixes your clean and octaved signal.
The massive center pots (big jawn) does full octave down at counterclockwise, full octave up at clockwise, and a mix of octave down and up at noon.

Here’s how this will differ from most things you’ll see at NAMM: THIS WON’T BE A PEDAL. Huh? Octave Jawn will ONLY be available as a drop-in mod. You can have it added to effects from our line right on our website in the Mods dropdown windows AND we’ll even mod your existing Fuzzrocious products to add it.

It will be available spring 2018.
As a drop-in mod on a new Fuzzrocious build, it will be $100.
As a drop-in mod on an existing Fuzzrocious product, it will be $125 + return shipping based upon location.

I dig it.. let me know what you think by commenting below!!

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Fuzzrocious Octave Jawn!
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