Oct 062015

The L.A. Amp Show last weekend saw the debut of the much anticipated Fractal Audio AX8 which is the floor unit version of their flagship Axe-Fx product and follows in the footsteps of the multi effect Fractal floor unit FX8. The AX8 is not exactly the same as it’s rack mounted big brother however, it apparently has the same amp and cab modeling but it features a stripped down effects section and smaller grid (4×8 vs 4×12). The two 450 MHz DSPs are for amp modeling and the other for effects/housekeeping. The same silent switch technology as the MFC-101 Mark III and FX-8 are used and the switches are assignable per patch via a new “Switch Assign Matrix” feature.


Here are some more details from the Fractal forum: “…the switches are multi-function. They operate as preset, scene, looper or bypass switches. There are four expression pedal inputs. There is a stereo effects loop. The dedicated knobs control only those parameters for which they are indicated. There are five soft knobs under the display that are used for adjusting other parameters.”


Apparently the AX8 will cost just $1399 which is just over half the price of an Axe-FX II XL rack unit (without a floor controller).

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Fractal Audio AX8 Amp Modelling Floor Unit Imminent
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