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Rising to prominence in the mid-Eighties, George Lynch carved out an impressive early career for himself as a part of the hair-metal outfit, Dokken.

Only a few short years after (twice) being rejected as the axe man for Ozzy Osboune’s solo band, Lynch’s combination of inventive lead guitar work on the platinum albums Under Lock and Key and Back for the Attack (featuring “Mr. Scary”), had cemented his reputation as a bonafide guitar hero.

Lynch was at the top of his game at this point; however, by 1990, personal tensions within Dokken forced him to part ways with the band. With great expectations on his shoulders, he quickly set up his next project, Lynch Mob.

Around that same time, Lynch produced a guitar instructional video for REH that not only featured some great insight into his playing, but also a behind-the-scenes look at himself in the studio.

In the video clip below, taken from the aforementioned REH release, Lynch performs an alternative solo take over “All I Want.”

Although it differs from the version that would feature on Lynch Mob’s 1990 debut album, Wicked Sensation, it still offers an incredible up-close look at the killer technique and unique phrasing that helped him stand out from the crowd in the shred-heavy 1980s.

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George Lynch Shredding in the Studio

A short clip of George Lynch in the studio in the early 1990s soloing over "All I Want", from Lynch Mob's debut album Wicked Sensation.#Guitar #GuitarLegends #GeorgeLynch #MrScary #ShredGuitar #ESP #Soldano #MarshallAmps #90s ForgottenGuitar.com

Posted by Forgotten Guitar on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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Forgotten Guitar: George Lynch Shreds Over "All I Want" in 1990 Studio Footage
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