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There has been a lot of action going on with the Flex Reaction Compound 55 Give Away. Also, I’ve been getting some great feedback from musicians that have mentioned that they really like the DIP switch action for the hardwire programming for the loop strip. I have to say, I’m a huge fan of that feature. Simple. Easy. Sold and sold.

Flex Reaction Compound 55 Give Away Reminder

We’re a little over the half way point on this give away, so I wanted to post a reminder just in case some of you were unware of this give away, and for the others that have entered, to be sure to enter some of the other bonus entries (ie: tweet, etc).

For those you that want to learn more about the Flex Reaction Compound 55 loop strip, I did a write up here.

Here is the official listing of features on the Compound 55:

5 True Bypass Loops (electromechanical relay switching)
5 Programmable Channels with “All OFF” in each switch
Programming each channel by using DIP switch
1 Non-Buffered input, 1 Buffered Input (High Quality Clean Buffer Circuit)
1 Output
Red LED for Channel Status Indicator
Blue LED for Loop Status Indicator
Heavy Duty Footswitches
Gold Plated Relay and construction with High-Quality Components
Light Weight Aluminum Enclosure , Dimensions 300x56x40 mm or 11.81×2.20×1.57 Inch
​9VDC 250 mA Center Negative 2.1mm. (Ac Adaptor Not included)

Now before I get to the give away, I would like to send out a special “thank you” to Taradol for giving a lucky Effects Bay reader a chance to win this loop switcher. Please take a moment to follow Flex Reaction on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Thanks Taradol!

This give away is open to international submissions. US winners will receive the pedal with free shipping, but if you’re selected as the winner AND international, we are asking that you pay for shipping. The value of the Flex Reaction Compound 55 is $189, so this is a great opportunity!

Be sure to submit bonus entries after your entry to gain additional opportunities to increase your odds!

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This give away will run until January 17th, 2017 at 11:59PM MST. Don’t miss out on this one, and please help spread the word! We all love free gear, and making these give aways fun and successful for everyone!

If you don’t see the form above, it could be related to ad block software/settings in your browser. You can go directly to the form by clicking here.

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Flex Reaction Compound 55 Give Away Reminder
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