Oct 152015

Hey, guys! Doug Seven here from SizzlingGuitarLicks.com.

Today, I’m going to answer a common question I get all the time from blues and rock players. It’s about how to add a little bit of a country sound to your playing.

We’re going to move fast in this video because the techniques I’m going to show you today are simple and easy to learn, and you’re gonna want to get busy playing along with the jam tracks!

A bit of a warning: When you start tampering around with this style and these techniques, you will get addicted and want more.

If that’s the case, head on over to the website right now and browse through the myriad of free videos, or get one of our technique-focused guitar courses that you can instantly download—or get DVD’s shipped. (I recommend one of the DVD bundles).

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In my opinion, there’s no other style that satisfies the soul as much as country guitar playing.

It features a unique use of techniques like:

• Hybrid picking
• Double stops
• Triple stops
• Open strings …

… all to give you a totally different “voice” to speak with. You can “say” a lot more—and with more emphasis—with these new tools in your hands. OK, you’ve been warned!

Soon, right here on GuitarWorld.com, I’m going to show you many more techniques that will instantly bring new life and dynamics to your style. Thanks for watching. See ya soon!

P.S.: If you enjoyed this short lesson (or even if you didn’t), post a COMMENT below and let’s chat! Let me know about any “hangups” you might be having and perhaps I can help you through them.

I’ll keep an eye on this post for the next few days. Let’s talk below!

Five Quick and Easy Ways to Instantly Fuse Country with Blues and Rock — Video and Jam Track
Source: Guitar World