Apr 102019

Fibonacci Londoner Nigel Price Signature

Fibonacci Guitars has unveiled its new Londoner Nigel Price signature guitar.

A signature jazz model for Nigel Price, the gorgeous thinline archtop features a hand-carved flame maple top on three-ply laminated maple back and sides, an ebony fingerboard, a floating AVRII bridge and Gotoh SGS305Z tuners.

The guitar’s pickup, a floating humbucker with Alnico IV and V magnets, was designed by Fibonacci, while its wound strings are coil-tapped to retain low-end clarity and a rolled-off treble response.

The Fibonacci Londoner Nigel Price is available for preorder now for £3,499.

For more info on the guitar, head on over to fibonacciguitars.com.

Fibonacci Debuts New Londoner Nigel Price Signature Guitar
Source: Guitar Player