Mar 132018

This little video featuring Stan Cotey talking about his journey with effects and circuit designing really spoke to me. There has been a lot of buzz about the new line of pedals from Fender, and I wanted to learn more. Check it out and we’ll talk on the other side…

With a company like Fender, I can appreciate that they’re working on innovative designs.. and developing non-clone type pedals. I also think it’s cool that they’re thinking outside of the box – figuring out better ways to manage things – like the battery, with their hatch (even though, it’s been done before – it’s good to be thinking about improvements). Their light pipe knobs is a great idea as well. Love seeing those set points. My only criticism, on the aesthetic is their look. I think they look pretty generic, and I would expect something a little more from Fender. But that can always change down the road. If they sound and play well, that’s a good starting off point.

Fender Pedals

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Fender Effects Pedals
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