Apr 172018

Earlier today, Ernie Ball announced the newest pedal in its popular Expression Series line: the Expression Tremolo. The new pedal joins the Ambient Delay and the Expression Overdrive, which our very own Paul Riario demoed back in 2016.

The Expression Tremolo pedal features a sleek, compact design that maximizes playability as it minimizes the footprint on your pedalboard or floor. Players can unlock a virtually limitless tonal palette that can’t be matched by traditional “on/off” stompboxes. The new pedal features a sealed aircraft aluminum chassis that offers a mechanically and electrically superior experience by protecting internal components from outside elements. 


• Five different tremolo waveforms: Slow Rise, Slow Fall, Sine, Square and Harmonic
• Control depth, rate or both simultaneously with treadle
• Spring reverb level adjustment (foot-gesture controlled)
• Mono Input/Mono Output
• 9V Input (power supply not included).

For more information, watch the video above and visit this pedal’s page on ernieball.com.

Ernie Ball Launches New Expression Tremolo Pedal
Source: Guitar Player