May 242017

This morning I stumbled across a fresh photo of Eric Johnson’s pedalboard via his Instagram. I talked about his board a couple of years ago here. Just like for all of us, things evolve on the board as needs change. Comparing his board from a couple of years ago, apparently, he really likes the Catalinbread Belle Epoch. That older board had a single Belle Epoch and now he has 3. Additionally, he added more true bypass loopers to the board.

The 2 silver mini/micro pedals look to be routing for Lead and Rhythm. Eric uses true bypass loopers for the Memory Man, TC Electronic Chorus/Flange and TS-808. Check it out below:

Eric Johnson Pedalboard 2017

Eric Johnson Pedalboard 2017

Dunlop Eric Johnson Fuzz Face
Dunlop Cry Baby Wah GCB-95
Catalinbread Echorec
TC Electronic Chorus+ Flanger SCF
Catalinbread Belle Epoch x3
Electro-Harmonix Memory Man (vintage)
Butler Audio Tube Driver
Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer (vintage)

Also, on his Instagram, he posted a wildly different board. I’m still understanding if this is an experiment board, or going to be a new set up entirely. It’s completely different. I’ll probably post it soon. Let me know if anything is incorrect or missing by commenting below!

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Eric Johnson Pedalboard 2017
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