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Eric Clapton has announced a new live album, Live in San Diego.

The album, which was recorded March 15, 2007, at San Diego’s iPayOne Center, features several appearances—and compostions—by JJ Cale. At the time, Clapton and Cale were supporting their new studio album, 2006’s Road to Escondido.

“This is the realization of what may have been my last ambition: to work with the man whose music has inspired me for as long as I can remember,” Clapton said of Road to Escondido. Cale died July 26, 2013.

Cale—Clapton’s good friend and mentor—appears on five tracks, including “Cocaine” and “After Midnight,” two Cale tunes Clapton covered in the Seventies. Other guests include Derek Trucks—who handles the late Duane Allman’s slide parts on the Derek and the Dominos tunes—plus Doyle Bramhall II and Robert Cray, who guests on “Crossroads.” 

Live in San Diego will be available September 30 as a two-disc CD, a three-disc vinyl set and as a digital album. If you pre-order the album at ericclapton.com, you’ll receive “Anyway the Wind Blows” immediately, plus two additional songs before the album’s release.

Eric Clapton, Live in San Diego Track Listing

“Tell the Truth”
“Key to the Highway”
“Got to Get Better in a Little While”
“Little Wing”
“Anyway the Wind Blows”
“After Midnight”
“Who Am I Telling You?”
“Don’t Cry Sister”
“Motherless Children”
“Little Queen of Spades”
“Further on Up the Road”
“Wonderful Tonight”

For more information, visit ericclapton.com.

Eric Clapton's New Album, 'Live in San Diego,' Features JJ Cale, Derek Trucks and Robert Cray
Source: Guitar World