Jan 282016


Harry Knight began playing guitar when he was four. He asked his dad Peter, a guitar instructor, for a guitar as a Christmas gift, and he rapidly took to it. Even more surprising, the young native of Calgary, Canada, took an interest in flamenco, and quickly showed he had what it takes.

“He started playing, and I noticed incredible agility the fingers,” his dad told Global News reporter Gil Tucker.

Harry is now eight and a noted prodigy of flamenco guitar.

“It’s pretty cool,” Harry says. “You get to play really fast.”

He’s performed for crowds at the Calgary International Flamenco Festival and jammed with Canadian nuevo flamenco guitarist Jesse Cook.

Next month, he’ll be heading to Spain to study with flamenco guitar masters. While there, Harry—who is in the Spanish bilingual program at Clagary’s Collingwood School—will make a special appearance on behalf of his Spanish teacher, Maria Jo, playing for the students at her former school in Madrid.

“They can’t believe, like, a blonde Canadian boy is going there to play flamenco,” Jo told Tucker. “They are so excited for that.”

The first video below was created by Global News and provides an overview of Harry’s talents and upcoming trip to Spain. The second video is purely a performance piece, and in the third, Harry receives instruction from Jesse Cook.

Enjoy the videos, and keep your eye on Harry. He’s a natural.

Eight-Year-Old Flamenco Guitarist Harry Knight Is a Fret-Burning Prodigy
Source: Guitar Aficionado