Dec 112015

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Post written by: Ben Greener

Egnater Amps and Pedals now at Andertons!

Egnater are one of the more interesting guitar amp brands in the world today as their feature packed all valve designs offer options never found on amplifiers before. This is true from their small Tweaker and Rebel heads to their pedals all of which are available now at Andertons.

The Tweaker range of amplifiers are made for those who really want to play with their tones. Available in various different power ratings you can find an amplifier to meet your needs no matter what level you are at.

The Rebel set of amplifiers are much more like your standard single and dual channel valve amplifiers. The main difference is that it contains both 6V6 and EL84 power amp valves that you can dial in as you wish. This gives you great control on if you want a more American or British tone.

Finally their pedals are all heavy duty dual mode beasts that can cover a wide range of tones. Goldsmith covers the widest range of tones from soft low gain crunch to modern high gain. Silversmith is a high gain overdrive that still has classic amp like feel and response. Black Metal as the name suggests is an over the top insane gain distortion that will work great for any high gain metal band.

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Egnater Amps and Pedals now at Andertons!
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