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Yesterday, the good folks over at Legacy Recordings posted some unbelievably rare footage of a young Stevie Ray Vaughan in action with Double Trouble.

Head to the bottom of this story to see a 25-year-old Vaughan perform May 11, 1980, at the first Tornado Jam in Lubbock, Texas, an outdoor event.

The incredible six-minute-long clip starts off with the mid-section of Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing.” Then, at 1:01, we get a decent look at SRV’s early amps. At 1:13, as the cameraman focuses on a bikini-clad fan standing in the front row (it’s a female, thankfully), Vaughan introduces Double Trouble. That’s Jackie Newhouse on bass and Chris Layton on drums, by the way.

After Stevie takes a quick break backstage (clearly visible to the audience), he grabs his Strat and launches into a smoldering set that the Lubbock fans simply can’t seem to get enough of.

Not to state the obvious, but it’s very rewarding to see SRV perform in front of an appreciative Texas crowd—back when he was still a locally known rising star.

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Check out this early footage of Stevie Ray Vaughan at the first Tornado Jam in Lubbock, Texas on May 11, 1980! Were you there??

Posted by Legacy Recordings on Monday, January 4, 2016

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