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I’ve like to post positive items here on Effects Bay. Keeping things positive, instructive and helpful has been the why people continue to visit this site. I’ve been wanting to talk about the Paris attacks and specifically what happened at Bataclan. Today, VICE posted a video where they interviewed members of Eagles of Death Metal to talk about what happened that horrible night at the Bataclan theater.

Eagles of Death Metal Recounts the Show at Bataclan A concert is a special event. A band contains a special relationship between members. The audience contains a special relationship between each audience member. I’ve been really analyzing shows that I go to. What makes them special? What makes them that magically experience. I really believe it’s about these relationships. The band, who love each other, who treat each other like family, come together to create music, to write, to make art. Sometimes those moments are filled with emotion (positive or negative) during the recording process, but then they perform the ultimate tribute to the song itself – to play it live in front of an audience. Like watching your offspring walk for the first time. It’s a proud moment. But that’s only one side.

The audience is the other half of this symbiotic relationship. Here friends and strangers come together to share in the appreciation of the artist. To take in what the band gives, but to equally (sometimes more) give back that energy to the band. This is an emotional ‘thank you’ for filling the air with music. The audience shares the experience with everyone without the ability to communicate, per se, but typically communicating with smiles and cheers. It’s intoxicating when everything in the room is locked in. A single unit of awesome.

This collection of people – audience and artist – should be sacred and safe. Nothing bad is suppose to happen here. Only good things happen in situations like this. What happened on the 13th has forever changed this.

Watching the video above, I’m filled with emotion thinking about what it would be like to be in that band during this. I know what it’s like to appreciate your bandmates like family. I know what it is to appreciate your close friends like family. And I know what it is to be someone just enjoying themselves at a show. There are a lot of emotions involved here. Do you *feel* the guilt that his band has? I would have have it too, and it is not their fault. Do you feel the guilt the band members have about trying to survive and potentially leaving people, friends, bandmates behind? Not their fault.

If I was in that band, I would have a hard time playing music live again. I would be scared. I would be traumatized. I’m just being honest here. Those guys are about the stick their middle finger to fear… and that is something I respect. I like Homme.. “we’re going to be recruiting people too”. Is it possible to recover from this? I’m not talking about the band, but I’m talking about the world. What is safe? Nothing? If that’s the case, that’s okay, we just need to change our mindset. Have to keep the guard up a little bit, but that’s crux of the matter.. sometimes letting yourself go, is the way to fully enjoy the moment. Can we do that now?

To make a donation to those helping in this time of crisis, visit the French Red Cross website or the Sweet Stuff Foundation.

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Eagles of Death Metal Recounts the Show at Bataclan
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