Jan 011970

Here’s a brand-new video by Braille Skateboarding, a bunch of guys who attempt to skateboard on a host of unexpected objects, very few of which—it seems—are skateboards. They’ve even made a clip where they attempt to skateboard on an iPhone 6. Or something along those lines. I really don’t care, to be honest.

Anyway, in this particular video, these people turn a perfectly good Ibanez guitar into a perfectly horrible skateboard—and then they actually use it at a skatepark and invite unsuspecting passers-by to try it out.

It turns out to be as good an idea as it sounds!

If you want to bypass some really annoying bullshit, skip to around 1:40 in the clip. At around 1:50, they start screwing on the wheels (or trucks). Note that things just keep getting more and more annoying from that point onward. You’ve been warned.

Dudes Skateboard on an Electric Guitar
Source: Guitar World