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Devi Ever is BackDevi Ever, for a while, was sold to Dwarfcraft. There were a few rough years when Devi announced that she was going to move on – but there was hope that the company and all of their great pedals would still be alive, but in the hands of Dwarfcraft. I know there were some issues recently with that, and I don’t want to get into it.. and it looks like Dwarfcraft and Devi Ever worked out a deal and is sending the Devi Ever business back to Devi Ever.

There have been some die hard Devi Ever users/fans out there – so this is great news. I was also stoked that she’s continuing the Atomizer stuff (awesome)! She made this announcement on her Devi Ever : FX Facebook page yesterday, and wanted to help spread the news..

Devi Ever : FX

Hey friends. It’s Devi Ever. Dwarfcraft sold Devi Ever : FX back to me and I’ll be in the process this week of organizing everything I was doing under Devi Ever : Fuzz Goddess to be transferred over to here.

I’ll be building the old devi ever : fx lineup including my new Atomizer, Atomizer 4k, Fathom, Mig Buff, Soviet Nuke, and Mother’s Milk.

Getting Shoe Gazers back in production is a main priority, but I will be also focusing on continuing to offer the daily Mother’s Milk fuzz on ebay (which you can always access via

I will no longer be building the Silver Rose or any variants of it, so please do not ask

Also, unfortunately, I will not be building the Disaster Fuzz, Truly Beautiful Disaster, or Disaster variants anytime in the foreseeable future.

It may also be a short while till I am building joystick pedals as I do not have the materials or a new build layout with the new boards I am using.

I’m doing a 25% off sale for a very limited time on Fuzz Goddess branded pedals (, coupon code DEVIEVER25 … please allow time for me to build and ship pedals as I am doing this all by myself). I’m considering offering the crossover names as alternate artwork, but this might be the last opportunity to get some of the Fuzz Goddess branded pedals.

Below is a list of my current Fuzz Goddess line up including which designs are new, and which Fuzz Goddess pedals are based on legacy devi ever : fx circuits, once again available at

Since it will be a while till is working again, go ahead and visit as that is where everything will be hosted anyhow.

– – –

New designs :
Atomizer 4k
Mig Buff
Mother’s Milk

Legacy designs :
Anime Waifu – Karaok Party
Bass Drive – Dark Boost
C64 – Bit : Legend of Fuzz
Cat Fang – Hound’s Tooth
Clean Boost – Punch Love / 25
Dank Meme – Fortune
Deep Bass – Stone
Dirty Boost – Punch Hate / 05
Exit Fuzz – Ruiner
Fuck Tavia – Destructo Noctavia
Her Pie Ion – Hyperion
Jimi – Vintage Fuzz Master
Laser Cat – GZ
Nerve Drive – Never Drive
Oak – Electric Brown
Para Ebola – Aenima
Plume – Silver Crank / 33 / Soda Might
Rude Bee – Ruby
So, The Mire – Soda Meiser
Soviet Union – US
Teen Spirit – 1990
Tri-Fuzz – Bi-Fuzz
Torn Sphincter – Torn’s Peaker
Vinyl – LP
Wave Clipper – Devine Hammer
Yard Bird – Year of the Rat
Zed’s Dead – ZG / Zero Goddess

– – –

I’m sure everyone has a ton of questions so feel free to hit me up here or via email at devi AT fuzzgoddess DOT com.

Let me know what you think about the news by commenting below!

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Devi Ever is Back
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