Aug 082018

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Source: Debra Devi

Debra Devi - photo by Guzman

Debra Devi – photo by Guzman

Classic rock/Americana artist Debra Devi has a bluesy side that she’ll showcase at Northern NJ’s largest free blues festival – South Mountain International Blues Festival – on Sunday September 9 at 1:30 PM – 9 Cherry Lane, South Mountain Reservation, West Orange, New Jersey 07052 The day also features King Solomon Hicks, Nation Beat, Black Lace Blues, Rockin Johnny Burgin and The Ben Stein Group.

Devi made her love for the blues apparent with her award-winning book The Language of the Blues: From Alcorub to Zuzu (Foreword by Dr. John). “I love the blues,” Devi says, “so the South Mountain Blues Festival is a great excuse to mix in my favorite electric blues songs like ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’,  ‘Further On Up the Road’ and ‘Thrill Is Gone.’ Expect some serious jamming from me and my band, particularly the fantastic Peter Vitalone on keys.”

Devi’s new Wild Little Girl EP is receiving raves for her classic rock-meets-Americana sound, soulful voice and blazing guitar playing.  Music videos for Wild Little Girl have premiered on The Alternate Root, American Blues Scene, Guitar Girl and The Pop Break.

Devi will open for Ana Popovic Sept 18 at The Stanhope House. She hits Lovelight Festival in Maryland Sept 22, and returns to White Eagle Hall in Jersey City Sept 29 as the producer of the Jersey City Rocks White Eagle Hall II concert.

“If you enjoy adrenaline, crescendos & virtuosic, heart-wrenchingly beautiful playing, get your ass to see Debra Devi.” – New York Music Daily

Wild Little Girl EP Media Page – To review Debra Devi’s new EP or download MP3s and WAVs for radio, please visit HERE  and use the password “wild”.





Debra Devi Plays South Mountain International Blues Festival September 9 (Free)
Source: Guitar International Magazine