Mar 052018

Spinal Tap bassist Derek Smalls performs at London’s Wembley Stadium in 2007.

Got a question for your favorite guitarist? Let us be your go-between. The concept is easy—you submit your queries and we pass them on to some of the world’s greatest guitarists (or, in this case, bassists). Only the sharpest and funniest questions will be used.

This month, we’re giving you the chance to ask Derek Smalls, the longtime Spinal Tap bassist, anything you want! You can grill him about his star-studded new album (Smalls Change), large cucumbers, lukewarm water, Spinal Tap’s famous Luton Palace gig, why he feels like a preserved moose, his timeless bass solo in “Jazz Odyssey,” that awesome Lakland bass in the above photo, his father’s hernia, his family’s telephone-sanitizing business, his lucky bun day, what it was like to record with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Steve Lukather, Peter Frampton and Dweezil Zappa—or whatever else comes to mind. Nothing’s off limits!

Just email your questions to and put “Derek Smalls” in the subject line.

Remember to include your name in the body of the email—so you can get credited in the magazine and impress (and/or) annoy your jealous and stupendous friends.

Dear Guitar Hero: Submit Questions for Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap
Source: Guitar World