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A couple of months ago I saw an Instagram post from POPTONE showing Daniel Ash’s pedalboard. For those of you not familiar, Daniel Ash is one of my favorite guitarists out there emerging from the late 70s post-punk/goth bands – Bauhaus, Tones on Tail and Love and Rockets. Tones on Tail has always been one of my favorite bands, and had such a short run and always flies under the radar. POPTONE is Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins and Diva (Haskins’ daughter) performing Tones on Tail (along other songs) and are currently on tour now. I’m really hoping to catch a show at some point….

Anyway, a couple of months ago, I took a stab at identifying the pedals, and recently I was just notified about a video where you can see things much clearer. I was close, but wrong on a few. Here is the video…

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So here, is a better list of what’s going on..

Daniel Ash Pedalboard

Boss TU-3 Tuner “Tuner”
Boss TR-2 Tremolo “Trem”
Boss BF-3 Flanger “Flange”
Boss RV-5 Reverb “Super Long”
Boss DD-7 Delay “Echo Shorty”
Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble “Chorus”
Boss DS-1 Distortion “Fuzz”

Additionally, not pictured, Daniel also has these other pedals off-board:

Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby Wah
TC-Helicon Mic Mechanic

Let me know what you think by commenting below! You a fan of Ash? Bauhaus? Tones on Tail? Love and Rockets? Let me know!

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Daniel Ash – POPTONE Pedal Board – Update
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