Sep 182016

A couple of days ago I posted Curtis Kent’s board. First of all, he has a great gear demo channel, so be sure to subscribe. But one of the things that caught my eye on his board – were his buttons on top of the footswitches on some of his pedals. Those buttons are called Barefoot Buttons.

Curtis Kent Barefoot Button ReviewBarefoot Buttons are machined buttons that are placed over your standard 3PDT footswitches or also available for momentary footswitches as well. They’re machined from aluminum, but they also have transparent acrylic too. They fasten to the footswitch with set screws, which fastens them securely to the footswitch.

There are several reasons why I would personally want to use these. I, myself, never play barefoot, so that would be it, but to me, where this product stands out is making easier access to certain pedal footswitches. If you have pair of switches that are close together, having the primary large and in charge would be nice. Also, if you sing and need to work pedals, this would allow for easy access because you do not need to hit the switch exactly.

Here is another great demo by Curtis Kent talking about the Barefoot Buttons:

Barefoot Button Demo

Now, machined and anodized aluminum is not cheap. These guys are pricey, but have a few on the board could be quite useful. These run around $9 each and can be purchased directly from Check ’em out!

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Curtis Kent – Barefoot Buttons
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