Jan 202019

Press Release

Source: Knaggs Guitars

2019 will be the 10 year anniversary of Knaggs Guitars! And, 2019 is the 50th year anniversary of our country’s first moon landing.  To commemorate these anniversaries, Knaggs Guitars is offering a limited run of 50 instruments for 2019, with a custom designed “Rocket Package” by Joe Knaggs and the wonderful folks at Pearlworks.

Kenai Galaxy - Rocket - Image courtesy P. Wolf.

Kenai Galaxy – Rocket – Image courtesy P. Wolf.

Joe Knaggs said: “Peter (Wolf) called me in the fall and told me about a brilliant idea that he and Bob Bohmer (a dear friend) came up with to put a Saturn V rocket on a fingerboard. The idea really hit home with me as my father, as well as many  other fathers in the Bowie, Maryland, area, were members of that great engineering feat.

I remember watching the launch from Cape Canaveral and then the party at the officers’ club when the astronauts first walked on the moon. Although, I was only 7 years old, the memory remains quite vivid!”

The Rocket Package inlay consists of a Saturn V lift-off on the finger board, a full moon on head stock veneer and an engraved astronaut on the truss rod cover. Rocket Packages can be ordered on the Severn X, Tuckahoe, Kenai, Chena or Sheyenne Knaggs Guitar models, both head stock designs for the latter three!. To make the package more affordable to a greater number of Knaggsters and collectors, and as a “Thank you!” to our always valued customers, we are offering the Rocket Package on our T3, T2 and T1 instruments, including Opaque, Galaxy and Metallic finishes.

Apollo 11 #2 FB

Knaggs Guitars will be displaying Rocket guitars at NAMM in Anaheim, California, in the Seymour Duncan booth. They come individually numbered with sequential model serial # and Rocket Package limited run numbers!

Joe will be signing each one! We are also talking to NASA who are over the Moon!


Knaggs Guitars 2019 Rocket Guitars at Seymour Duncan Booth (NAMM 2019)!
Source: Guitar International Magazine