Apr 262017

Blow Out Deal on the Dunlop DVP1XL Volume Pedal I’m still desperately trying to get caught up from being gone on a tour with the Magpies. We played a great little fest in Oakland, CA called PRF. I’m going to devote a blog post on what PRF is all about. It’s pretty rad, and it’s about community of weirdos and awesomeness. Anyway, we did a little tour to get to Oakland and back and it was hard to keep the posts up.

So first post after being back and caught up on sleep is about a great deal on the Dunlop DVP1XL Volume Pedal. Volume pedals are awesome to have, especially if you’re into ambient looping stuff. Frankly, it’s pretty critical. There are few issues when it comes to volume pedals. Number one..durability. Some of the volume pedals out there are notorious for mechanical breakage. Another thing I like about the Dunlop volume is the ‘feel’. From my days of playing a Crybaby, I like the familiar feel of the angle and the rocker point.

Check out the official description:

Create incredibly smooth volume swells or control your effect pedal parameters with the Dunlop DVP1XL Volume (XL). Solidly-built in an aluminum chassis with aggressive non-slip tread, the DVP1XL is ready for the road. Our patent-pending Band Drive allows for a smooth range of motion without the fear of breakage or change in feel or range, and for maximum comfort and precision, the DVP1XL’s rocker tension is fully adjustable.

When using the DVP1XL as an expression pedal, you can use the internal pot to set the minimum level of the parameter you’re controlling with the rocker. If you want to reverse the function of the heel-down and toe-down positions, the DVP1XL has an internal switch that allows you to do so.

Along with Volume, FX and Output jacks, the DVP1XL also features a convenient Tuner output for silent tuning onstage.

So, let’s talk about the deal. The Dunlop DVP1XL Volume Pedal retails at $120, but is on sale for a crazy low price of $59.99 and includes free shipping. That is 50% off of retail. That, my friend, is a great deal. This deal is the Musician’s Friend Stupid Deal of the Day, so this will NOT last long. These deals run for 24 hours, but also have limited stock. If the stock count drops too low, they’ll switch out the deal with another product. So, if you’re interested in picking up a volume pedal, this may be the time!

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Blow Out Deal on the Dunlop DVP1XL Volume Pedal
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