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So the last few days, I’ve been going down my personal rabbit hole. I recently pulled out my cassette tapes and found an old stereo with a tape deck and rediscovering a ton of old music. It almost feels like a time capsule of sorts. Tapes that were ejected and haven’t been thought about in 20+ years. One of the cooler elements with tapes – are my mix tapes I’ve received from friends. Mix tapes were special. They were thought out and actually took effort to make. It meant a lot to receive one. And now listening to them, I really appreciate the the flow. During one of those listens, there was a track from the band The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary. Great song.

Check out this live version from last year. The Cult.. still have it.

I was thinking I remember seeing a Premier Guitar Rig Rundown a while back with the guitarist Billy Duffy and I wanted to re-explore. The Cult was one of those weird bands that crossed a couple of genres for me. Back in the late 80s, it fit the vibe of ‘alternative’, yet it was also the relm of ‘metal’ in a sense. I remember The Cult opening up for Metallica back in ’89. Billy Duffy was always a monster on guitar, so it was cool to dive back into what he was up to.

Check out the Rig Rundown:

So let’s see what Billy is running…

Billy Duffy – The Cult – Rig Rundown

Billy Duffy - The Cult - Rig Rundown

Jim Dunlop 95Q Wah (Not Pictured)
Boss TU-3 Tuner
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
Dunlop Echoplex EP101 (ProtoType)
Boss BF-2 Flanger
Boss DM-2 Delay
Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer
Lovepedal Kalamazoo
Whirlwind Bomb Boost
Boss DD-3 Delay
Boss DD-3 Delay
Morley George Lynch Tripler Amp Switcher

Let me know what you think about Billy Duffy, The Cult and the gear by commenting below!

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Billy Duffy – The Cult – Rig Rundown
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