Dec 182017

The Beetronics Overhive was a great give away. Like I’ve said multiple times now, that pedal is fantastic, and it was really hard to let that guy go. This is my original write up here. The winner of the Beetronics Overhive was Michael N. of Sneads Ferry, NC, and he was kind enough to shoot me a message about his thoughts of the pedal and a photo!

Beetronics Overhive Give Away WinnerThis is what Michael had to say about the Overhive:

Oh man this is soooo sweet. Wide sweep on the honey to dial in just the right amount – switches add more tones .sweetness right out of the box. Must have been your setting on it so lets just say for anyone reading about a little more than half honey -3 o’clock tone – 11 o’clock vol …love the jewel light and the fact it is not blindingly bright. THIS PEDAL DOES NOT TAKE A BATTERY AND IS RIVET SEALED! (just in case you didn’t know) still love it, I don’t use batteries anyway. Bottom line is you need this OD pedal but you can’t have mine! Go check one out. Thank you Effects Bay for a great pedal win — on the board to stay!

I would like to send out a special “thank you” to the awesome dudes at Beetronics. Please take a moment to follow Beetronics on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

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Beetronics Overhive Give Away Winner
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