Dec 042017

Beetronics Overhive Give AwayI’ve mentioned this a few times now, the Beetronics Overhive is one of my favorite pedals out there – both visually and sonically. This things scratches all of my itches – especially when we’re talking about that “medium grit” overdrive feeling. Absolutely fantastic. This was a hard one to give away, and I’m already planning on purchasing one for myself.

Now before I get to the winner, I would like to send out a special “thank you” to the awesome dudes at Beetronics. Please take a moment to follow Beetronics on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

The winner of the Beetronics Overhive Give Away is Michael N. of Sneads Ferry, NC. Congrats Michael. The pedal is heading your way as I type this. Please do us a favor and let us know what you think of this bad boy when you get it! If you hate it.. please give it to me, cos.. I love it! 😉

I’ll be announcing another give away very soon, to not miss any give away announcements, please sign up to our mailing list! Thanks everyone!


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Beetronics Overhive Give Away – The winner is…
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