Oct 282014

In this Iron Man guitar lesson video series, I will teach you how to Black Sabbath’s metal classic note-for-note.

Tony Iommi has always been known as one of the greatest hard rock/metal guitar riff writers on the planet and “Iron Man” is chock full of them.

The main riff to Iron Man definitely needs no introduction, but there are also some other mighty fine guitar riffs to sink your teeth into with this one. In the first lesson I will demonstrate how to play every single riff in the song.

Nothing is really difficult in the riff video lesson, just a bunch classic metals riffs that every guitar should know.

In the second lesson video I will break down Tony Iommi’s main guitar solo note-for-note. It is here that the difficulty level is taken up quite a few notches. Even though a lot of the licks aren’t very difficult to play, the speed and amount of continual licks coming one after another can make it quite a challenge to get the solo under your fingers at the proper tempo.

I have broken everything down for you though so you shouldn’t have much trouble knowing how to practice it correctly phrase by phrase, until you …read more

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