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“I’ve been dreaming of putting this website together for several years and finally feel ready to tackle it.” —Andy Timmons

“Andy Timmons is one of those rare guitar players that plays all the best right notes,” Steve Vai once said. “His intonation is stunning, and that enables his delicious tone to be seductive and comfortable on the ear. Everything resonates so beautifully, but then again, we are what we play—and he is that.”

Timmons—the former Danger Danger and Pawn Kings guitarist who now fronts the Andy Timmons Band—is able to share those “best right notes” with fans, courtesy of his new lesson website,

Actually, is more than a lesson site. The guitarist also uses it as a platform to share details about his musical past, present and future; the site provides fans—serious and casual—with an opportunity to “hang out” with Timmons while picking up some useful pointers.

“I’ve been dreaming of putting this website together for several years and finally feel ready to tackle it,” Timmons says. “I’ve had a pretty amazing career in music that has spanned over five decades, and I’m looking forward to examining my prior recordings as well as forging ahead to learn new things and share them with you. I consider myself extremely fortunate to still be doing what I love to do and I thank you for letting me be your coach as you pursue your own musical journey. 

“It’s my privilege to share my knowledge and experience with all of you, and I’m sure I will learn a lot on the way as well. Getting back into teaching over the last few years has been really inspiring, and I’m always honored when I have the opportunity to help fellow players find their path and enjoy their music even more. Whether your goal is a career in music or simply to enjoy playing the guitar in a more satisfying manner, I know you will find some very helpful and entertaining material here.”

Three membership options are available, starting at $40 per month.

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Andy Timmons Launches GuitarXperience Lesson Site
Source: Guitar World