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Alternating bass fingerpicking patterns Part IFingerpicking patterns make your chord progressions really come alive. It’s a beautiful musical element that can give a song just what it needs. The amount of fingerpicking patterns are infinite. If you are just starting out you might want to check out the 16 legendary fingerpicking patterns first. If you got the basics down and you’re ready to step up, check out the alternating bass fingerpicking patterns in this post.

With the alternating bass fingerpicking technique the thumb of your fingerpicking hand is constantly alternating between two or more bass notes while in between your fingers are playing the higher notes. It sounds like you’re playing two guitars at the same time.

Today I will show you two patterns that you can use for your own songs and apply to many popular songs.

– Practice slowly in the beginning. Be patient and don’t rush at the start!
– Memorize the pattern for each chord.
– Make sure every notes sounds clean and clear.
– When you feel comfortable playing it slow, gradually build up your speed.
– Practice the pattern using the chord progression.
– Practice regurarly


Alternating Bass Fingerpicking Pattern I

Alternating Bass Fingerpicking Pattern II

Next time (Part II) I will show you two more beautiful and challenging patterns. To be continued…

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Alternating Bass Fingerpicking Patterns Part I
Source: Guitarhabits